Special Offer

Club Bon Appétit Loyalty Program.

Only for a limited time*, Club Bon Appétit want to show appreciation to clients who will refer new customers whitch will perform new purchases during the year.

* Ending on the 1st of January 2014

Program 1 – 110 boxes and more


Earn yourself a Aroma coffee machine from Saeco or Apple’s iPad 4, both valued at 500 $* each, by referring customers (name, address and phone), which in total buy 110 boxes within a period of one year, effective the first day of the first reference is given. You can easily track your purchases references consultant securely and confidentially our website. (http://clubbonappetit.com/en).

*The $ 500 includes taxes. Delivery of the selected reward is completely free.


Program 2 – 44 boxes and more


Customers who purchase 44 boxes of products Club Bon Appétit will deliver a brand new 15 cubic feet freezer, absolutely free* of charge by Corbeil Appliances.

*All taxes are paid by the Club Bon Appétit.



Program 3 – 35 boxes and more


Customers will select 35 boxes or more in purchases per year will automatically be credited a reduction of $ 300 * upon their purchases over two visits (2 purchases).

*The reduction will apply only after the second billing.

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